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VR-24 Det Rota Shipmates

Who's At The Bar?

This site is a "working page" designed to publish information relative to:

1) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for 1 - 4 May '03 in Denver, CO

2) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for 4 - 7 May '06 in Rota, Spain

3) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for 21 - 24 May '09 in Duluth, MN

4) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for 4 - 6 May '12 in St. Louis, MO 

5) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for 7 - 10 May '15 in the Washington, DC Area

6) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for 28 - 31 Jan '18 in Dunedin, FL

7) VR-24 Det Rota Reunion for '21 in Rota, Spain - details TBD

8) Establishment of a VR-24 Det Rota Personnel Central Tracking Point and Data Base

Our Goals

1 - Establish and Maintain a Master Database of All VR-24 Det Rota Personnel

2 - Plan Reunions to Foster a Comraderie Amongst VRians

3 - Provide Avenues for VRians to Maintain Continued Relationships

Becoming a Member

If you were a member of VR-24 Det Rota or know of someone who was please provide their contact information to the committee for inclusion in the database. You may e-mail the information to:

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Organization News

The next reunion will be in 2021, in Rota, Spain. Details are being worked on. For up to date information go to the Facebook page: VR-24 Det Rota.

The 1 - 4 May 03 Denver, 4 - 7 May 06 Rota, 21 - 24 May 09 Duluth, 4- 6 May 12 St. Louis, 7 - 10 May 15, and 28 - 31 Jan 18 reunion in Dunedin, FL reunions were enjoyed by all who attended. You can view info about these reunions by clicking on the Reunion Info for Past Years (03, 06, 09, 12,15, & 18) link at the top.

VR-24 Association Website (Parent Squadron)

Naval Station Rota, Spain

Hotel Playa De La Luz

Southern Spain (Andalucia) Info

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

VR-24 Det Rota Reunion Committee

c/o Miguel Barbour

21212 Bernie Lawrence Lane

Abell, MD 20606

Phone: (301) 769-4569

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